Latest version: OpenChanfix 2.1.3 (the Zen release) - 09 Nov 2004 (changelog)

2005-08-14 You can now download and test the second release candidate of OpenServices 1.0.0 for ircd-ratbox 2.0.x. This contains OpenChanfix 3.0.0 and OpenJupes 1.0.0. Important note: You must have gcc 3 for OpenJupes to compile. Please help us find any bugs! See the README file in the tarball for instructions.

2005-05-31 It's been a bit quiet on the OpenChanfix frontier. Two things are new: one is our new addition to the coding team, alz, and the other is that we've almost finished porting OpenChanfix to ircd-ratbox 2.0. This means a much more stable OpenChanfix. Expect a release here soon!

OpenChanfix is a service for ircd-hybrid based networks, which monitors all channels larger than a minimum size for regular channel ops, and can take action in case a channel becomes opless or is taken over.

OpenChanfix has been designed and implemented according to the specs that were voted for EFnet as described in this vote, including all additions that have been voted in after the initial vote.

This service has been implemented as a loadable module for ircd-hybrid 7.0, which means that it can be loaded into any running hybrid 7.0 server without restarting it.